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How does Shopist work?

Shopist integrates your Palladium Accounting Database with the Magento eCommerce platform. With Shopist you can create your online store in minutes.

Simply follow the wizard driven setup and click create web store, Shopist will set up your store, import customers, inventory, item description and images from your Palladium database.

Do I need to use Palladium Accounting?

Yes, Shopist is an integration between Magento and Palladim Accounting. The benefit of using palladium is that it is a full featured ERP solution that allows you to run your whole business from one solution without the need for extra add-ons. 

To find out more about Palladium click here.

Which version of Magento does Shopist use?

Shopist is built using Magento2.

Can I use a custom domain name?

Yes. Simply add your domain name into the wizard, we will send you the DNS details that you need to point your domain to.

Are there any geographic restrictions to using Shopist?

No there are not, Shopist is a global platform.

What currencies does Shopist accept?

Currencies are determined by the payment gateway of your choice.